The nRide project was founded in October 2021 at the Gitcoin GR11 Hackathon sponsored by NKN, where it won a prize for its innovative approach to peer-to-peer ride-hailing. At the beginning, the idea was to build an uber-like service where drivers and riders connect directly to one another, without relying on a central third party. After the hackathon, NKN accepted to fund a more advanced prototype, and from there the scope expanded to building a more generic protocol and a suite of open-source software packages that would allow the creation of compatible ride-hailing apps sharing a common pool of users.

The first whitepaper outlining this vision was written in early 2022, and the code has been under development since then. Currently, the nRide mobile application, implemented in Flutter, is in private beta on the Apple and Android app stores. The escrow and registry smart-contracts are implemented in CosmWasm and deployed on JUNO, owned and controlled by the DAO. The DAO itself is built on DAO DAO, also on JUNO, and the NRIDE token is a CW20 token, also minted and controlled by the DAO.

The short-term goals for nRide include expanding the user base of the platform, testing and refining the escrow and registry mechanisms, and improving the user experience of the mobile application. The medium-term goals for nRide include, refactoring and open-sourcing the codebase, launching a public beta version of the platform, and establishing partnerships with ride-hailing companies and other organizations.

The long-term goals for nRide include becoming the leading peer-to-peer ride-hailing platform in the world, achieving widespread adoption, and fundamentally changing the way people think about and use ride-hailing services. Key milestones for nRide include launching the public beta version of the platform, achieving a certain number of active users, establishing partnerships with major ride-hailing companies, expanding into new markets and regions, and achieving financial sustainability through revenue generation and token economics.

The nRide project is committed to achieving its goals and milestones through a combination of innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and community involvement. The DAO, built on DAO DAO on JUNO, controls the NRIDE token, a CW20 token minted and controlled by the DAO, which serves as the underlying currency of the escrow mechanism. The roadmap provides a clear vision for the future of the platform and ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards a common goal.

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